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Mikle’ s class

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  • Hi all the reference videos of Jeanie and I are now on drive.

  • Lilian Forsyth
    yari !<3.

    I'm subbing for Mikle's K-pop Advanced class tomorrow. If you have knee pads please bring them as we have some movements on the floor!🥰

  • Hi all the reference videos from last Friday's performance class are on google drive. You can find them on WJ's Instagram link in their bio.

  • SW
    Wenjia Zheng

    Got another chance to sub Mikle’s class😆

    This Thursday(9/8) I will sub Mikle’s Kpop open-level class in Vienna location. For more details please check in my group😉

  • Jessie


    Check more details about Mikle’s Kpop class!


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