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Membership Perks

Join our membership and get discount from the stores below. Login to redeem your benefits. Contact us for any questions.


Courses usually span multiple weeks or even months. Multiple sessions are included in a course and you pay for the entire course upfront. You can expect systematic training in techniques and more attention to detail in a course. 

Courses are been paid partially online and the rest in person. Pricing plans cannot be applied to course purchasing directly. Contact us for more detail.

Drop-in Sessions

Drop-in sessions stand alone and have different dance types along with varying levels. If you’re unsure of time commitment or don’t know if a new dance type is suitable for you, you can choose to take the drop-in sessions.

Drop-in sessions are been paid fully online. More details are provided under each plan.

About Pricing Plan

Our pricing plans are divided into two types: courses and drop-in sessions.