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Jeanie’s Class

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Hi everyone!! If you're coming to my Kpop or Hip Hop class tomorrow (9/18), here's some info to help you prepare 🥰

Kpop Advanced: aespa - Girls (dance break; original choreographer ver.)

  • ❗️This is different to what's listed on the schedule!

  • Bengal, Bada Lee, Redlic, and Yoonyoung are some of the original choreographers of Girls and they recently held a class at 1Million with their choreo. I was lucky enough to learn the same choreo from Bada Lee and Redlic directly so I'll be bringing their tips and advice!

  • The choreography is sliiiightly different to the version aespa does, but it's nothing drastic

Hip Hop Advanced: Yoon Mirae, BIBI - LAW (Wootae choreography)

  • This is the choreo from Street Man Fighter!

  • It's a pretty fast choreo so I highly recommend watching videos of the choreo to be familiar with the moves before coming to class. It will make it much easier to pick up the moves!

Excited to see everyone tomorrow! 🫶


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