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Nora’s class

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Hiiii everyone🙋‍♀️,

Here's the dance sample for tonight's class! We gonna do it as duo dance👯‍♀️ just like in the video. Feel free to invite your friend🥰 to learn this dance together!:)

Lilian Forsyth

Anyone interested in IVE’s 💘After LIKE?

Please vote if you are interested in learning this song😊

After LIKE 💘- IVE

  • 0%Yes!

  • 0%🤔

Meili Torrico

▶️The song we are using for tomorrow’s class is Into You by Ariana Grande💟

💡Please get familiar with the song and feel the beats before you come to class~

See you guys tomorrow💫

This Saturday I’ll teach 🎶Love to Hate me by BLACKPINK🖤💖, this is not a title song but it’s one of my fav songs😊. They don’t have a dance for this song so I found a popular choreography by other dancers, hope u guys like it!🫶🫶🫶

Ariana Thornton


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